Very Low Frequency (VLF)/Tan-Delta Testing

VLF and Tan-Delta TestingVLF and Tan-Delta Testing together indentify cable defects and grade the cable deterioration (or remaining life). Historically, cable testing has been overlooked. Concerns about the possibility of damaging the cable or just not being able to accurately track cable deterioration left them largely ignored in most maintenance programs. Many companies even today just don’t test cables as they should.

With cable systems nearing the end of their design life, how do you begin an upgrade program? VLF/Tan-Delta diagnostic tests help you prioritize expensive cable repair or replacement and furthermore avoid in-service failure and production downtime.

So, why PGTI?

PGTI is your choice for VLF and Tan-Delta Testing because of our technology and specialized training. PGTI uses the latest in VLF Tan-Delta testing equipment. And, PGTI uses testing methodologies that are consistent, proven and safe. Utilizing consistent procedures each testing time and tracking trends, we provide the most accurate way to predict future failure.