First Trip Testing

First Trip TestingFirst Trip Testing is another non-outage (if bypass or transfer bus is available), preventative test that PGTI performs.

Circuit Breakers are called to operate infrequently. They spend the majority of their service life in a closed position. So, naturally the importance of testing circuit breakers can be easy to overlook.

There is valuable knowledge in knowing how fast your breaker will open after having been left closed for a year or longer. Slow clearing times can lead to greater damage to equipment and cause larger portions of a system to experience an outage if an upstream breaker operates.

So, why PGTI?

PGTI’s First Trip Test provides the most accurate circuit breaker opening time results. This test is done in conjunction with other circuit breaker PM tests or as a periodic “walk through” type inspection. This information compared to manufacture data can help you decide where to put your maintenance dollars. This true first trip timing test is also important to ensure that arc flash calculations are accurate and support the times in your arc flash analyses.