Power Systems & Shop Maintenance

Power Systems

PGTI's Power System and Shop Maintenance services bring added value to your company and power systems. We have extensive product knowledge that can be invaluable in predicting equipment success or failure.

Qualified PGTI technicians perform a monthly systematic electrical systems walk through for our clients, and we consistently uncover problem areas and safety risks. In every plant, there are “small” problems that lay in wait for the most inopportune time to shut down your production. With PGTI's monthly electrical system audit, we provide recommendations on best practices for keeping your equipment and systems safely operating.

PGTI's Shop Services also helps you maintain your electrical systems, bringing added value to our partnership and added service life to your equipment. We receive equipment in our shop to fix, upgrade, clean and send back to you. Also, clients call us weekly with power quality questions or issues, such as equipment lights blinking or flickering or computers burning up. Our Shop team helps identify “the why” and can also install equipment to help trouble shoot equipment errors and malfunctions.

Power System and Shop Maintenance Services

  • Monthly Electrical Systems Walk Through
  • Systems Failure Analysis
  • Power System Monitoring and Power Quality Analysis
  • On-Site Electrical System and Electrical Safety (NFPA 70E) Training
  • Arc Flash and Coordination Studies
  • Circuit Breaker Retrofits and Repairs
  • Multilin Value Added Reseller
  • G.E. EMO (Electrical Maintenance Organization)