PGTI's Electrical Maintenance Testing team demonstrates the latest in First Trip Testing

PGTI's Electrical Maintenance Testing team demonstrates the latest in First Trip Testing

PGTI's First Trip Tests streamlines electrical maintenance and provides more data per cycle and better information about breaker mechanics and how quickly breakers open the first time

The Windows 7 platform for First Trip Testing uses a high speed USB accelerometer to measure the mechanical movements of circuit breakers. 

The good news about the Windows 7 platform First Trip Tests:

  • True measurement for low voltage circuit breakers and how fast the breaker trips the first time!
  • Get more mechanical information by just opening and closing breakers.  
  • No need to remove breaker from the cubicle
  • Quick setup with no electrical connections required
  • Outages take seconds instead of minutes/hours
  • Good for when you don't have time for extensive testing 
  • Great between maintenance cycle outage testing

Why Even Test Breakers Anyway?  

There is a 30% chance of a breaker not opening if it has been closed (and not tested) for 3 years or more. And after 7 years or more, there is about a 50/50% chance that the breaker will not open like it should. Chances for a non-tested breaker opening after 8 to 10 years decreases dramatically. If a breaker doesn't clear in 5 cycles as it should, Arc Flash hazard escalates. For example, situations that might normally be Cat 2 could easily become a Cat 4, leaving the worker in charge under-protected and at much greater risk of injury.

How else can First Trip testing help me?

With the new platform, we can also determine (on some breaker models) whether a vacuum bottle has begun to lose vacuum, without having to remove the breaker from the cell! This data is very beneficial when determining if a breaker will trip the very first time.

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