Need to Verify the Condition of your Circuit Breakers?

Need to Verify the Condition of your Circuit Breakers?

Yes, we are still chatting about PowerTest 2015…the things we learned and the fun we had! We've had great feedback from others and would love to hear from you too!! Just tweet #PowerTest2015. What was your best takeaway?

Last time we talked about Secondary Injection with Primary Verification and the session where Randall Sagan from Mercedes Benz U.S. and Mose Ramieh, III from PGTI presented a paper on two alternative methods used by Mercedes in lieu of primary injection testing. Part two of this PGTI PowerTest 2015 Equipment Track presentation, covered the Circuit Breaker Analyzer and that's what we want to talk about today.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Straight from the Horse's Mouth - CB Analyzer, Inc.

CB Analyzer compares precision 3D vibration data to "first trip" vibration signatures or "known good profiles" data to determine:

  • Overall mechanical condition
  • Breaker timing: ending and closing times
  • First trip testing data for arc-flash compliance
  • Arc-flash study validation checks

 Need to Verify the Condition of your Circuit Breakers?

The CB Analyzer uses known vibration patterns to determine what mechanical components may or may not be working properly. Because of CB Analyzer Inc.'s research and the repetition of tests to get to valid results, they've built profiles or fingerprints of almost every circuit breaker (or they'll add any to the database that isn't already studied.) If a breaker does have a deficiency, it usually can be identified.

In the field without moving the breaker from the cubicle, we place an accelerometer on the breaker, measure and transmit results to the database to compare and analyze current breaker performance with known good breaker profiles. Test results are sent via email. We determine if the breaker fits profile and we often perform additional analysis, if needed. Recommendations are made on needed fixes i.e. a new component, latch etc. The CB Analyzer test requires a minimal outage to open and close breakers and in return, you get super useful information on where to focus your future maintenance plans. 

That Guy

Are You THAT Kind of Guy?

If you are that guy who is interested in trying new technology and finding better and more valuable ways to do maintenance in less time, then YES, you are just the guy we are looking for!  PGTI wants early adopters of technology to help us show the benefits of using the CB analyzer.  We need people interested in a free demo and possibly a trial run. We'll test a few breakers, get results back and see what the results might say about your current maintenance program - where can you improve your maintenance, adjust timelines and/or dollars spent to get the most out of maintenance that you can. 

The CB Analyzer is often a big a value especially for facilities that aren't doing regular maintenance. If this is you, then contact PGTI today. We are happy to come out for a demo and talk with you about the validity and usefulness of the Circuit Breaker Analyzer.

Click here for the White Paper on CB Analyzer