We aren't this cute but we are that smart.

We aren't this cute but we are that smart.

Wow!! PowerTest 2015 may be over but we haven't forgotten everything we learned, The people we met or the fun we had in our own hometown of NashVegas! We wanted to share some of PGTI'S PowerTest 2015 takeaways and would love to hear more about your takeaways too. Just tweet #PowerTest2015 or email Mose at mramieh@pgti.net. What was your best takeaway?

Secondary Injection with Primary Verification
In our first session of PowerTest 2015, Randall Sagan from Mercedes Benz U.S. and Mose Ramieh, III from PGTI presented a paper on two alternative methods used by Mercedes in lieu of Primary Injection testing.

We constantly (like daily!) ask ourselves - How do we test and maintain in time constrained situations and with equipment where very little downtime is available, and still get the appropriate amount of maintenance done and do it in a timely fashion? ….Whew!

We have an answer to this question - Secondary Injection with Primary Verification.

Secondary Injection Testing Set

Primary or high current injection by itself is time consuming, cumbersome and tends to be more expensive than Secondary Injection testing. However, Secondary Injection testing doesn’t test the entire protective system of the circuit breaker. Secondary Injection testing does test the trip unit and trip coil to make sure that the breaker trips, but leaves out the viable component of the current transformer input.

So, why this strategy? Secondary Injection with Primary Verification takes the best of both Primary Injection and Secondary Injection. Secondary Injection is a great testing method. It tests the trip unit and tests the breaker. This strategy then marries the Secondary Injection tests with a much lower amount of current so equipment can be man portable. Thus, equipment is much easier to move around during testing. We usually don’t have to take the breaker off the rails. We don’t have to haul breakers to the test set or drag the test set to the breakers. We've found a significant speed and time savings with this strategy. Therefore, we benefit from a big reduction in time, money and most importantly, safety.

PGTI recommends that Secondary Injection with Primary Verification is valid way to do a good job of testing breakers in a maintenance situation.

Primary Injection Equipment

Another method we'll discuss in our next blog is the Circuit Breaker Analyzer. Stay tuned!