Find Your Own Electrical Problems.

Find Your Own Electrical Problems.

Power & Generation Testing, Inc. (PGTI) routinely receives calls from all sized facilities wanting to know why they have experienced a failure. Did NES brown them out?  Was it a harmonic issue or flicker? The PGTI team may then be called in to do short term metering and inevitably, the problem doesn’t show back up. So customers pay to hunt down a past disturbance and often are not able to obtain much useful information.

PGTI recommends a review of electrical systems. Let us help you determine if upgrading old analog or panel meters with modern meters on main service engines makes better sense. Meters are relatively inexpensive. Modern meters can network back to a desktop or laptop and provide Oscillograph or wave form records. The metering software is easy to use and quick to install. Customers can monitor data, such as amplitude, frequency, rise time, time interval, distortion and more, themselves in real time and have a permanent, accurate view of what’s going in the power system. The cost to install modern metering and to monitor data forever is only a few thousands dollars more than a temporary metering setup.

Typically customers are in on one of the following categories:

1. Have no metering

2. Have antiquated metering equipment

3. Have metering but not utilizing the full functionality of the meter and it is not networked properly

Wherever you might fall, consider getting away from the old analog and panel meters and upgrading to a modern meter system. And, store and retrieve critical information (like harmonics, flicker, short disturbances, long disturbances) to keep your business safe and running.