1. May PGTI Newsletter

    In May, let's talk about Maintenance and a renewed focus on Functional Testing!

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Happy New Year!

Now that the Christmas tree is back in the box and the champagne toasts are done, let's talk about 2014. We have a full 12 months of hard work and prosperity to look forward to. Do you have sufficient safety and maintenance plans ready for this year?

Be the hero that helps avoid disruption and disaster by incorporating Monthly Walk Thrus in your operations plans. Why?

IT IS COLD OUTSIDE! Heater circuits on equipment need love and attention from a qualified testing team.

THINGS CAN CHANGE in your system. For example, alarms that aren't noted, investigated, documented and properly addressed can mislead and cause numerous headaches.

SIMPLE STEPS AVOID BIG PROBLEMS. Ultra Sound tests and Thermographic surveys help uncover more complicated issues. These are quick tests where we "listen" to equipment and/or take infrared pictures on routine basis to detect potential failures.

DEVIL IN DETAILS. We've seen facilities shut down for something as simple as an improper setting or a simple short cut taken that causes a bigger problem down the line.

PEACE OF MIND. Be reassured knowing that if your system is checked and tested on a regular basis, then problems will not sneak up on you.

SAFETY IS PRIORITY! In 2014, bring a renewed priority of safety and proactive maintenance focus and "culture" to your team. 

 Contact us at 615.882.9455 today to get monthly walk thrus on your calendar and ours.

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