Emergency Response

Electrical Failure and Disaster Happens

Electrical failures always seem to happen at the worst possible times. Some malfunctions can be prevented by simply performing good maintenance. However, often things just fail (#murphyslaw). When disaster happens, the difference between the situation remaining manageable and it becoming a crisis is how it is handled in the first few hours. PGTI has the experience you need to get the initial disruption under control and to put systems back together, safely.

We handle emergencies in three phases: Respond, Restore and Recover.

Our first priority is to RESPOND to an emergency SAFELY. Often in emergencies, injuries happen when teams rush in to make repairs in unsafe conditions. Then, you not only have damaged equipment but injuries or regrettable fatalities.

Whether the emergency is a simple disruption like a blown fuse or a catastrophe like a flood, our NETA trained and certified technicians safely and quickly mobilize. PGTI works to balance NEMA guidelines and your need to restore power to your facility. We manage these opposite priorities by adhering to NETA/ANSI specifications, helping assess equipment damage and assisting in RESTORING power to the facility.

After the crisis has passed, we then go to work on RECOVERY. This could be as simple as replacing on-hand spare parts and as complex as procuring, installing and commissioning new sections of switchgear. PGTI has equipment resources across the country, which allows you immediate access to aftermarket, re-furbished, re-manufactured and surplus equipment.

Emergency Response Services

  • Damage Assessment
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Maintenance Testing
  • Spare Parts List and Inventory
  • Rental Company Contacts and Resources


Often after failure or disasters occur, two questions are asked. “How did this happen?” And then, “How can we avoid this happening in the future?”

Business Continuity Planning identifies where your company is exposed to internal and external threats. It identifies assets (both hard and soft) needing effective disaster prevention and recovery if disaster occurs.

When creating a Business Continuity Plan, we help you design a roadmap for continuing operations under difficult conditions from simple outages to emergencies like fires and floods. We walk through your entire electrical system to document how you will avoid emergency and should something happen, how you will recover from emergency.

Once critical step in Business Continuity Planning is detecting and eliminating single points of failure. We look at the energy source, distribution and demand. With this understanding, we can layout the steps and equipment needed to respond and recover safely from an emergency.

Business Continuity Services

  • Critical System Planning for Business Continuity
  • Technology Survival Book
  • One Line
  • Design Audit
  • Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc flash documents
  • Power Quality
  • IR Surveys
  • Breaker Testing/ Load Bank Information
  • Eliminate Single Points of Failure and Spare Parts Planning