CE Power

CE Power Life-cycle of services: Design Engineering, Turnkey Project Management, Commissioning Services, Testing and Maintenance, Workforce Solutions, Complaince Support, Emergency Response, Smartgrid Implementation

CE Power has the resources. We joined up with CE Power because they have an excellent team of engineers with the right supporting staff, and share similar core values. They are safe, reliable and timely and always put forth a concerted effort to provide the solution their customer's need. We strive to do the same, and with CE Power behind us, we offer more services than before. We still are experts in maintenance and testing, but can now confidently bring you the other services you need. These services include:

Turnkey Solutions

Everything from the one-line to final testing. We have the resources to commission, test, install, reconfigure... you name it. We will find the best fit for your needs, install it and make sure it works. Learn More


Switchgear Replace, Retrofit, Retrofill

New or old, we can install it or upgrade it. Whether it is bringing your system up to speed or replacing a piece of equipment at the lowest cost possible,  we have a menu of options to choose from. Learn More


Extended Engineering Solutions

More people with the same expertise. Know what you need to do, but don't have the people? Drawing from our large team of engineers, we can provide the manpower to get it done. Learn More


Improved Emergency Response

Additional people and resources that get the job done. Direct replacement of broken equipment, more engineers, longer geographic reach and more. We are still ready 24/7. Learn More