Thermographic or Infrared Surveys

Thermographic or Infrared (IR)

Thermographic or Infrared (IR) is a critical maintenance testing function and is becoming increasingly common. This testing, in the electrical sector, allows for the identification of poor electrical connections without having to shut the equipment off or having to come into contact with the equipment. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that taking covers off of “energized equipment” is potentially very risky business. It puts your equipment and Thermographic team in real harms way. As common as IR surveys are, the safety training and procedures that allow this work to be done safely are not as common.

So, why PGTI?

PGTI’s Thermographic Testing is yet another test where no outage is required. PGTI’s approach is a safety risk versus reward survey plan. We maximize opportunities to gain needed information without removing a cover, thus making testing faster and safer for our team and yours and for your facility.

PGTI’s Thermographic team is trained in the safety of opening energized electrical equipment. This trained team removes covers only where it can be done safely. For areas where covers cannot be removed, PGTI will make recommendations for IR windows where sensible.

PGTI uses scheduled surveys on equipment under load. You receive invaluable reporting on your equipment and temperatures, showing problem areas versus known functioning items.