You've worked so hard to build it...

PGTI will safely help you make sure it works!

Acceptance Testing

PGTI specializes in electrical testing for high voltage construction ranging in voltages from 480V up to 161KV. We provide Acceptance and Maintenance Testing for high voltage projects such as substation/switchyard construction, transmission and distribution projects, maintenance, labor support services and overhead and underground systems. PGTI's customers are utilities, private industry, developers and independents throughout the Southeast, predominantly TN, AR, KY, NC, MS, AL and GA.

Our team is highly trained and skilled in keeping safe working clearances, proper grounding and implementing best practices while performing their daily work activities. And by working safely, we keep the power on and disasters avoided, so you can concentrate on your business.

About 90% of new construction errors are drawing errors, a manufacturer's wiring mistake, or a wiring or installation mistake in the field. PGTI's job is to prove equipment is safe to energize and also to ensure equipment works the way the engineer designed it. See some of the Acceptance Tests that PGTI performs below.

Acceptance Testing Services

  • Transformer Commissioning and Testing
  • Switchgear Commissioning and Performance Verification
  • Substation Circuit Breakers (SF6, OCB, Vacuum)
  • Relay Testing Micro-processor and Electromechanical
  • Thermographic (Infrared) Survey
  • Cable: Splicing, Termination and High Potential Testing
  • Ground System Testing