Our Core Values

Our core values are the things that our company is built upon. These are things that are truly important to each PGTI team member. This is what you will experience each time our team interacts with yours.

I am a safety professional

I Am A Safety Professional

  • We are obsessed with doing work safely.
  • We are always actively learning and identifying ways to work safer.
  • We look out for others to ensure team safety.
I learn and grow a smart organization

I Learn And Grow A Smart Organization

  • We follow disciplined procedures in our work.
  • We document the uncommon, as well as the common, operation of power systems.
  • We obtain drawings and research operational information.
  • We DO NOT rely on guesswork or assumptions.
I do "it' right

I Do "It" Right

  • We use the right tools for the job. When choosing the right equipment, we do not take short cuts.
  • We always complete tasks to the best of our ability.
  • We pride ourselves on doing a job right the first time, every time.
What more can I do

What More Can I Do?

  • We begin our weekly team meetings asking this question, "How can we bring more value to the customer or to the team?"
  • We spend extra time to prepare for projects.
  • We research and develop proven procedures, and we practice our work skills.
  • We listen to that little voice that says, "I wonder if...?" When our intuition signals for opportunities to avoid disaster or to simply take advantage of value building opportunities, we pay close attention, investigate and ACT!
Communicate that you care

Communicate That You Care

  • We sincerely believe that everyone is important and deserves to feel valued, and there is nothing more critical than clear and concise communication. If we neglect to share and communicate with each other, then we will not successfully serve our customers.